Vdc Coin Faq & Vidicia Faq, How to buy VDC
How to buy VDC


What is ViDiCia ?
ViDiCia is a mediator platform for all your nutrition needs formulated upon your environmental understanding and professional working module analysis.
How does ViDiCia work?
ViDiCia gives you a centralized platform to connect with an appropriate nutritionist, dietician and health expert as according to your own specific need,
  • In the first step, you register at ViDiCia providing some of your basic details corresponding to your geographical location and environment primarily
  • Experts at ViDiCia will understand and accordingly assemble a list of appropriate nutrition and diet experts registered with ViDiCia based on your needs.
  • You will have a choice among the list of nutrition experts we suggest you, and thereafter you choose the appropriate service provider expert and avail consultation.
  • Payment won't be an offline hassle because it will be done through VDC(Virtual Digital Coin) directly by you to them
What Sort of Data will be requisite for Consultation?
To formulate the best of nutrition strategy suited to your needs, we would need a blend of basic data constituting your geographical location, work details ie nature of your work, psychological aspects of it etc. The requisite amount of data would just be limited to this but if you wish to share any other medical history details it would help us better.
On what Strategy will the nutrition needs be understood?
To understand and subsequently suggest you the most effective nutrition plan we work on multiple methods of understanding, what could be best for you. General Trends, Health Survey, Disease Analysis based on Areas, Prone Understanding, Probability of each disease, Your own health history(optional), Stress Levels and any other specific or general data that can be utilized.
Any Sort of Data that will be submitted on ViDiCia, Will it be accessible to any 3rd party?
Any data general or personally submitted on ViDiCia will stay confidential and is practically inaccessible to any snooping party because ViDiCia makes use of Blockchain decentralized transfer technology, Any data you share with your Nutrition consultant will be ultimately confidential among the two and can't be accessed by anyone.
Elaborate the complete utilization module of Capital raised by ViDiCia?
The Cap raised by ViDiCia is planned to be utilized in the following manner:-
  • 30%(Marketing and Promotion)
  • 25%(Technology)
  • 15%(Operation and Administration)
  • 10%(Stakeholder and Advisory)
  • 10%( Core Activities Reserve)
  • 10% ( Charity)
How to buy VDC?
The option to purchase VDC Coin is available on the Dashboard of the Member's Area. To access the member's area, access the sign up option and use your Email ID and password login.
Will Inflation affect VDC ?
VDC Coin is completely pre-mined and thus, there is no inflation. The VDC Coin count is fixed at 440 million.
Security aspects of VDC coin?
Your data is safe with VDC Coin because the data is kept on the blockchain network and blockchains, by design, are immutable. VDC Coin encrypts your data with SHA-256 encryption technique which is the most advanced encryption technology in the world.


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